Retexturizing Scrub for Men


This scrub clears the way for an easier, closer shave by smoothing the surface of the skin and clearing congested pores.  Enriched with Sea Kelp and Green Tea, this energizing formula eliminates debris and dead skin cells, while stimulating blood flow to create smoother, healthier-looking skin.

Why bother? Because removing oil, dirt and dead cells helps the razor get closer to the skin for a smoother, easier shave. Getting rid of those dead cells also helps prevent in-grown hairs. Regular exfoliation also improvise skins appearance and radiance by exposing newer, younger cells lying just beneath the surface. All skin types.

Apply to damp, clean skin by gently scrubbing in an upward circular motion. Do not over scrub. Rinse with warm water. Use prior to shaving for best results. Follow with Conditioning Shave Lotion for Men, Essential Aftershave Balm for Men, and Anti-Aging Daily Defense Hydrator Broad Spectrum SPF 30 for Men.

Paraben, sulfite, talc, and lanolin free.  Animal friendly. Made in the USA.